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Welcome to the COPP Survey website. This is a temporary version while our main website is being developed.

COPP Survey is dedicated to Combined Operations Pilotage Parties (COPP). This was a top-secret unit that operated during the Second World War. Its teams carried out covert surveys of enemy-held beaches ahead of planned amphibious assaults. On the day of the assault, they guided in the landing craft to make sure that they landed in the right place.

COPP had fewer than 200 men but received more than 90 gallantry medals and commendations. The work they did was highly dangerous and, in the early days, losses were high. But the information that they brought back helped save the lives of many thousands of Allied servicemen and turn the tide of the war.

Future plans

We aim to grow this website into a comprehensive and continually expanding source of COPP-related information. It will attempt to explain:

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July 2011