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COPP Heroes Memorial Fund

About us

COPP Survey is produced by Rob Crane. His grandfather, Major Jack Crane, Royal Engineers, was a member of COPP from 1944-45.

Rob trained as a journalist at the University of Sheffield and has had work published in The Independent, The Croydon Advertiser, The South London Press and The Exeter Express & Echo. He now works as a project editor for a major educational publisher in London.

Rob writes:

As a child, I was obssessed with all things military - I made Airfix models, watched all the war films, read book after book and, embarrassingly, was never out of khaki or camouflaged clothing.

One day, during a visit to my Gran's house, my Dad reached into a cupboard and pulled out a tatty, manilla-coloured book wrapped inside a wrinkled shopping bag. It was filled with tight, almost indecipherable handwriting with only the occasional photograph or hand-drawn diagram to break the monotony.

I wasn't that interested at the time - it wasn't exciting enough to hold the interest of a child. But, when I had a period off work through illness in my early 30s, I returned to the book and was staggered by what a closer read revealed.

It was my Grandfather's diary, written illicitly during his time with COPP in Sri Lanka, Burma and India during the Second World War. The more I read and the more I learned, the more I was drawn in, not just by what my Grandfather did but by what all the COPPists did during the war.

This website represents my own attempt at a tribute to those men, an attempt to publish what I can about what they did and to raise awareness of this small but significant unit.